Our Vision

A mantra goes around the world

Vision of the I AM PEACE movement

We live in challenging times….

The change towards peace goes from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE. We must first learn to create peace and inner tranquility within ourselves,
before we demand a change towards peace from the people and circumstances outside. With this realization, the path to peace truly begins.

The peace mantra and the associated peace meditation can be an extremely effective and simple means to strengthen and cultivate inner peace in a simple way, for every person – regardless of nation, language and faith.

In addition, I would like to set with you together with this movement a cross-cultural, global sign for the common desire for peace.

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A wish that moves many hearts again right now – especially at this special time.

Let us uphold the vision of peace. We will counteract with the peace mantra and the peace meditation the fear, restlessness, insecurity and the high psychological and emotional stress in this time in a healing way. Let us create global connection among people with this peace project!

We will significantly change something in our own lives and in the lives of other people towards peace, no matter what circumstances seem to determine our lives at the moment.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Please help to make this vision come true!


About the goals of the Global Peace Movement

“On the way to peace” with Wiebke Wivvica Matern

The RISINGBIRDS initiate projects such as the GPM (Global Peace Mantra), Aguaaria Musical (water conservation), ViVA Musical (believe in yourself). The main focus of our work is always to educate people about the common denominator of music, to connect and above all to strengthen them mentally and emotionally.

Other goals of the movement:

Further global networking with other peace movements

  • Children Peace Choir Project
  • Interviews and educational peace work
  • Production of a children’s CD with meditation and music on the theme of peace to empower children
  • To continue to provide peace meditation and music free of charge to people with limited financial resources.
  • Making the music available on social media to connect as many people as possible with the theme of peace
  • Cost recovery for personal appearances and events with the peace mantra and meditation
  • Costs for logistical and media dissemination of the peace work
  • Expansion of further projects for the emotional empowerment of people, especially children

Start your peace work today and become an active peace messenger

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