Become a peace messenger and be part of the movement

Global Peace Mantra Movement

Share your video message

Record a video (2 minutes max please) and share it via Telegram. Sing our Global Peace Mantra in your language and do the Global Peace movement sequence. You can also share something about peace.
This can be a quote, poem, or text from a book – or spoken freely from your heart.

Get active and creative

Write us a poem or a heartfelt text about peace. Let your thoughts run free and tell everyone what peace means to you. If you feel like it, you can also paint a picture and send us your message of peace.

You are an artist yourself? Write us and sing the peace mantra yourself in cooperation with us!

Picture Message

Share a photo of you and your loved ones with your palms touching in front of your heart (Namasté posture).
To make the message effective, speak or think of one of the Global Peace Mantra phrases: I see the world in peace – or – I am peace.

Support the movement

Become a sponsor or partner and show your interest in connecting people.
Get involved and support us in making the Global Peace Movement better known and more effective.
Initiate your own Global Peace Mantra Action together with us! Paint, sing, write, dance, with homeless people, old people, children – it doesn’t matter – inspire us!

We are volunteers and work with full energy for inner and outer peace on earth. So that we can continue to do this, we are also dependent on an energy balance from the outside.